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Hello Guys, As this is my first post I would like to start this with something that is related to my past. I wanted my first blog post to be something which is different and something related to my life.

I often wondered how did fashion and style come into existence!? How does a certain person look so fashionable and stylish!? It often made me think but then I realised that fashion just didn’t come into existence yesterday, it was always between us, since many generations.

Flashback to the future is my idea of explaining what fashion means to me.

I’d like to explain this better with 2 generation of people from my family who influenced me to be more fashionable and dapper in my day to day life.

First Generation: My Grandfather.

My Grandfather, back in his days was one of the most stylish men I’d come across. He always had his crisp safari suit on with black penny loafers shining as if they were the moon.

He’d put his aviators on and while he sat there on his 1957 BSA motorcycle, he looked nothing less than a Royal Highness. He cruised through the narrow lanes with me on the pillion, taking me fishing and hunting whenever he could.

He had his good and bad times, but in every situation, he taught me to be presentable and well dressed. Even after he was gone I always remember what he taught me and helped me be.. a better dresser, most importantly a better human.

The Next Generation : My Father.

He prefers to have everything simple but neat(pretty obvious from him being in the navy), the white naval uniform which is so simple yet classy.

He is a sports person blessed with an athletic built, fair complexion, neatly trimmed beard and the white uniform added to his charisma. I am sure he did make many women drool looking at him back then.

Since childhood, I have always seen him dress up very neatly. From his crisp ironed shirts to his polished black shoes, he has always been on point.

He never believed in having too much of clothes. And that remains till date. He loves to experiment with whatever he has (sometimes with my clothes too).

He is 53 now and still going very strong. He’s always been an inspiration for me.

Third Generation : Me.

Now let’s talk about the third Gen. Yes, that’s me.

I have always been very choosy with my selection of clothes. The fit, the style, the combination, the perfect colour that’s been running in my head.

I Love to shop, but gradually I’ve realised that just shopping intensively isn’t everything but shopping for the right thing and of the right quality makes more sense.

Just wearing fancy brands don’t mean everything but choice and comfort become an important factor defining your sense of style.

Through my blog, I want to create a difference in Men’s Fashion.

Bringing style from not only the top brands but also great street hauls for the people who can’t afford to spend on these high-end brands and yet manage to look in vogue.

Cause Fashion shouldn’t come with conditions. Everyone has the right to be Fashionable. If you liked reading this post, please like, share and subscribe to my blog.

Until next time, Cheers.

E h t e s h a m.



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