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Hey everyone ! How is the summer treating you !? I don’t think it treats anyone right :P. Anyhow moving forward today I’m here not to talk about myself but about my phone and an accessory for it and that too an impressive one. 😛

I’ve collaborated with Impresso, they make finest handcrafted mobile skins made from exotic wooden species, which add a unique style to your phone. The skins are ultra thin and light weight. They look very rustic and unique on the phone as well as very stylish of-course.

The process of installing the skins on the phone is very basic and simple too. Plus you can get your own personalised skin as well. Impresso has a fantastic range of wooden skins, and the idea behind phone skins too seems really interesting.

Sorry to drop this bomb but they for the moment only make skins for Apple iPhone, the others might have to wait a little, I’m sure they will come out for the others sooner too. Until then take a look through their gallery.

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