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Hey there Dappermen,

How was Valentine’s Day for everyone of you? I hope it was great.
My latest collaboration is with one of the finest menswear label which goes by the name of Dapper Homme.
Dapper Homme has put together a hand-picked collection of essential additions to every man’s wardrobe curated by none other than the owner Mr. Kartik Kantharia himself.

What I loved the most about the collaboration is the meeting that was set up by Kartik and his team which gave me a detailed experience about the in-depth working of the brand and the ideas they have set up.
Since Valentines was around the corner I chose to pick up whatever is essential for every man for a perfect date. And yes they do have an amazing collection of everything they do.
I curated some really exciting looks altogether for each and every kinda man out there.

1. I paired this white flamingo printed half sleeves shirt and the woven tie with a pair of chinos and a bomber jacket and their leather anchor bracelet, you can find the pictures of the same below;

2. Next up I got all sharp and formal with the help of their blue printed formal tie along with jaguar print lapel pin and cuff-link. It can be paired with or without the blazer, looks dapper either way. You can find the pictures of the same below;

3. Now, here if you are someone who wants to be a little semi formal but love the coat on, this is what you can choose, I wore their off-white lapel pin and beer jug cuff-link with my db coat. You can find the pictures of the same below;

4. For the men who prefer casual over formal, I have some options for you as well. I paired their printed shirts with a pair of denim & my double strap monk shoes and there you are all ready to roll. Pictures of the same are below;

PC : Abhijit Dwary Photography
Location : Stables India

Please go ahead and try these looks out for yourselves and let me know which one of this is your favourite.
To shop from Dapper Homme simply click on the link. Follow them on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and all the social media platforms.
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Lots of love,
E h t e s h a m.

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