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Hello People, Hope you guys are doing great. Today, I am gonna talk about my latest collaboration with Haul Apparel. Let me give you guys A little overview about Haul Apparel.

Haul Apparel is a Lifestyle brand that promotes and encourages many subcultures. They promote the fashion that arises from the subcultures that have a big influence in our growing society.

The Subcultures they are inspired by are Street Art, Music, Skateboarding, Surfing and Downhill Mountain Biking. Please go ahead and check them out at

Alright, moving ahead I had the opportunity to pick up some apparel from their latest clothing line.


They have a very creative and amazing collection of long sleeve tees.

Must say I had a hard time picking up for the post. So I ended up choosing the Clubs Long Sleeve T-Shirt in black.

I totally loved the print and the colour combination.

The material, the size, the fit is amazingly comfortable and considering winter is already gone in Mumbai, light weight and comfortable tees are the way to go ahead with for the summer.


Next Up is their collection of Baseball T-Shirts.

The Baseball Tee, originally known as the Raglan Tee.

Baseball T-Shirts are one of the most trendy fashion wear worldwide.

I chose a Vasuki Baseball T-Shirt and tried pairing it with my baseball jacket, denims and plimsolls.


Now, if you are a person who loves graphics and prints, you should definitely be checking their collection out.

I opted for the Basanti T-Shirt, one reason why every Indian will connect to that. Mutual Feels.

I teamed it with a Denim Jacket and Leather Slip-ons.

I hope you liked reading the post as much as I loved writing it.

Please go and check Haul Apparel out and get the best for the best price.

Totally in love with their tagline, ” To Express Style Through Our Apparel, To Create Possibilities Where None Exist.” Show some love. <3

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I’ll Be Back Sooner, until then, Adios Amigos.

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